Train Your Brain
Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia. Alhough we can’t do much about the genetic cards we were dealt, we can make lifestyle choices to help ward off such diseases.

Experts say that exercising your brain can improve long-term memory and brain function. So what can you do to keep your brain young?

* Take classes to learn something you've always wanted to understand. Learn to play             bridge, study Spanish or take a photoshop seminar.

* Do games and puzzles such as crossword puzzles, Sudoku and Scrabble.

* Read often, with different types of books. Take a magazine and dedicate specific time to it.              Read the newspaper. Set your computer homepage to bring up news items of particular                    interest to you. Read them each time you open the computer.

* Remember and repeat groups of words. Memorize your grocery list.

*  Play computer brain games, such as Brain Age and Left Brain/Right Brain for Nintendo DS.

* Perform math functions regularly.

* Learn new words from a word a day calendar or dictionary.

* Use the Mozart Effect - classical music increases brain activity more positively than other              kinds of music.

*  Increase your creativity, Draw, paint or learn to read and play music.

* Try commuting with varied routes, to prevent the brain from becoming monotonous.

* Avoid watching TV for hours; solve puzzles while watching TV to increase multitasking.

* Never avoid breakfast, it's essential for your brain to function efficiently.

Brain Games
  Crickler Crossword                                 The Enigma Device
Crickler Vocabulary     Sudoku